My cake journey

Cake, cookies, donuts. What can I say, I basically love anything that contains sugar.

Even though I’ve been travelling New Zealand for the last year and it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do I still can’t get that niggling feeling out of my head about my love of cake and my desperation to bake it, eat it and decorate it. For as long as I can remember I’ve always stalked Instagram for the latest cake trends and drooled over different designs and bakes never thinking in a million years I could pull them off myself.

Go back just over two years and I made my first big decorated celebration cake for my best friends birthday. It was my first attempt at using buttercream to ice a cake, the layers of sponge were wonky and I just threw a load of sweets and biscuits on top and tried to make it look effortless – it wasn’t actually that bad. Well, looking back on it now I cringe, but for my first attempt I can remember half being so proud that I had done it but also wanting to scream and throw it at the wall  as it didn’t look as good as any cakes I had screenshotted or pinned on Pinterest (the perfectionist inside me).

So…. here it is…


One month later it’s another best friends AND my mums birthday within days of each other. Let’s go again. The baking kit comes out and I get to work on creating my favourite designs, I’ve managed one so surely I can do it again. These were totally inspired by Katherine Sabbath when her drip cakes were everywhere you looked! This time these two cakes were so much better than my first, I started to get the jist of how to ice with buttercream and get smooth(ish) sides and I also nailed a drip – at the time drip cakes were the fashion. After posting these on Facebook I had such a positive response I actually started believing in myself that I could pull these fancy decorated cakes off!

Fast forward a few months, I’d made a few more cakes and posted them on social media, I had friends and family all telling me I should start to charge for my cakes. To be totally honest I felt completely overwhelmed, utterly unprepared and didn’t have an inch of self belief but I took their advice and so began CakeHouse.

I was working full time when I started CakeHouse and every spare second was dedicated to cake making and decorating. I would even race home on my lunch breaks to finish off a cake or get some buttercream made up ready for an after work cake session. Sam, my boyfriend became my chief taster and although we didn’t get much quality time together he was always supporting me – and he knew if he hung around he would get offcuts and practice runs. It’s funny how people seem to hang around when they hear there is free cake going.

Over the next few months I started to feel more like I knew what I was doing and less like I was winging this whole thing. My cakes were getting better and the positive comments and thanks were flying my way. One thing I could not get out of my mind was my absolute desperation to go travelling. I had lit the fire on my passion and finally got it on a roll but I knew deep down that I had to travel before I could dedicate myself to anything else.


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